January 30th, 2015

All Eyes On Super Bowl 49

The Super Bowl is one of the most widely viewed events that the world has ever seen. In 2014 the game broke U.S. records with a viewing of 111.5 million people. With such a massive audience, the Super Bowl attracts advertisers and brands everywhere looking to appeal to the NFL’s massive fan base; companies such as Doritos and Pepsi are willing to pay about $4 million for a 30-second commercial during the game. However, the companies running commercials during the game are not the only ones growing their brand during this competition, the teams competing in the Super Bowl are working to capitalize on their team’s success this season. NFL teams that make it into the Super Bowl reap their monetary reward largely through an increase in brand value.

With Super Bowl 49 right around the corner, both the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are ramping up their own advertising to boost support for their respective squads. The two Super Bowl contenders have two of the biggest brands currently in the league, but they are drastically different with New England as more established and a larger brand and the Seahawks who are rapidly growing. Just in the last 12 months the Seahawks have seen 27% growth in their fan base. The 2010 Seahawks were ranked 19th in brand value in the NFL by Forbes. However, after winning Super Bowl 48 and garnering a home record of 15-1 over the last two seasons, the Seattle Seahawks have jumped up on this list and now occupy the 15th spot, worth about $1.33 billion.

The New England Patriots are second only to the Dallas Cowboys in brand equity and are worth about $2.6 billion. The Patriots have claimed a spot with the top 3 teams since 2004. With over 1.18 million followers on Twitter and nearly 6 Million likes on Facebook, the Patriots have one of the largest followings on social media in the NFL. Both the Patriots and the Seahawks have found great success on the field leading to the explosion of both of their brands. As history has shown, whoever wins Super Bowl XLIX will see their trademark grow exponentially just to add something else that is riding on this competition … with that, let the game begin!

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